TrackXperience Inc. has been providing quality track time for the California/Nevada motorcycle community since 2004.

COVID-19 Special Procedures

To all customers attending TrackXperience October 16 Big Willow and October 23/24 Spring Mountain,

We will be enforcing moderate COVID-19 regulations. We ask if you have any health concerns, feel like you may have COVID-19 symptoms or just don’t want to follow the COVID-19 safety regulations please contact us at and you will receive a full credit toward another 2021 event. We all want to have a great time and we never want to cancel another event because of this pandemic. With that being said we will have the following special regulations for this event:

  • 1. All riders, TXP staff and track staff will be required to wear a mask when a six-foot distance cannot be maintained or inside any structure.
  • 2. All riders, TXP staff and track staff may be be subject to temperature checks
  • 3. Finally, we are using a online waiver service to minimize contact during registration.
  • This is the link to the waivers: 
  • Big Willow:
  • Spring Mountian:
  • Speed waiver allows customers to sign waivers on their mobile phone via a link.  This link will ask for your name and cell number.  You then get a text message with another link which takes you to your waiver.  Sign the waiver on your smart device, and it will ask you to take a picture for a Digital Credential.    We suggest you either save the text message or take a screen shot of your photo credential.  When you arrive at the track show registration your Digital Credential and you're done! 

Always remember to maintain social distance of six feet and wear a mask when a six-foot distance cannot be maintained or inside any structure. If you have completed the speed waiver you will be given your tech sticker. Season pass holders do not need to complete the online waiver.

Let’s all work together to provide a safe environment for everyone and have a great time.